Structure My Deal

At Burdick Kia, we pride ourselves on making car buying easier for the customer. The car buying process has evolved considerably in recent years, no longer requiring potential buyers to endure hours and days of a drawn out process, while there are so many other great activities to enjoy throughout the Cicero, NY area, including Syracuse and Liverpool, NY. With the digital retailing tools available on our website, local drivers can expect a streamlined journey to their new vehicle, whether it is a new kia or one of our many used models.

Explore our suite of digital retailing tools below:

Value Your Trade Tool: This tool allows drivers to get an instant trade-in value on their current vehicle before they step good inside the dealership. Users can apply the value calculated here to the other tools to get more accurate results. This tool saves customers an average 30 minutes for drivers.
Online Payment Calculator: By filling out the info on this page, drivers can easily get a great idea of all the aspects that will weigh on a potential monthly payment, and can also browse our new and used inventory for vehicles that meet your requirements. This tool saves customers an average of 50 minutes for drivers.
Get Pre-Qualification: Since not everyone has great credit, one of the best ways to ensure that you qualify for auto financing is with our Pre-Qualification tool. On the journey to your next vehicle, this financing pre-qualification tool will save an average of 30 minutes, and will ensure that you're one step closer to the perfect vehicle for your future.
Online Financing Application: Once you've received pre-approval, or if you are unworried about your credit situation, our Online Finance Application will be the next step towards a more enjoyable automotive future. As one of the most significant parts of car-buying, taking care of the finance application online will save drivers an average of 1.5 hours, and will have you on your way to a great new vehicle.

For the most convenient car-buying experience yet, utilize these tools, and then come see us at 5885 East Circle Drive, Cicero, NY. Once you arrive at our location we'll help you enjoy a more efficient experience and in no time you'll be well on your way to a more exciting automotive future.